VenAssure expands private investigations coverage in Texas

Posted by Vendor Assurance Technologies LLC on August 30, 2019

With the recent addition of two Texas-based private investigation agencies to the vendor marketplace, VenAssure has expanded its reach in Texas. Our platform, which helps connect claim and risk management professionals to private investigators across the United States, now has 27 agencies based in Texas and 33 agencies total that provide coverage in the state.

VenAssure expands investigations coverage in Texas

The two recent registrations are Rapid Results Investigation Services and Cinco Peso Security & Investigations, LLC. They join early adopters like Triune Investigations, CA Rose Investigations, LLC, and Spytex, Inc. to provide expansive coverage for a broad range of private investigation needs in the state of Texas and surrounding areas.

Rapid Results Investigation Services has over 25 years of insurance, fraud, and law enforcement experience. Located in Houston, they offer investigation services for insurance, corporate, and legal support in addition to background checks and domestic and child support investigations.

Cinco Peso Security & Investigations is located north of San Antonio and offers an extensive range of investigations support. Their team includes current and former members of local, regional, and federal law enforcement, as well as military intelligence and other professionals

Corporations, insurers, and TPAs can find and manage local independent investigation agencies for assignments across the United States through the VenAssure platform. The growing presence in Texas is combined with the support of national providers like PhotoFax and regional agencies like S.K.I. Investigations to ensure streamlined, cost-effective investigations.

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VenAssure is not a private investigation agency. We’re a pure technology platform that allows companies and investigators to connect and manage all inbound and outbound communications. Find local investigation agencies, manage vendor assignments, and protect sensitive claimant data with VenAssure, the hub for insurance fraud investigations.