VenAssure Reinvest in Maximizing the Securability of Customer Data in Q1 2019

Vendor Assurance Technologies (VenAssure) connects clients to a nationwide distributed network of local licensed private investigators. Our cloud-based vendor management system (VMS) consolidates vendor & case management, time & location tracking, video media services, and client collaboration tools while providing our risk-conscious community of users end-to-end encryption, always-on service high-availability, identity & access management, and data security & privacy controls.

Using a hybrid cloud of Google Firebase account management & authentication services and Microsoft Azure data, artificial intelligence (AI), and application platform services, VenAssure has continued to reinvest in our commitment to maximizing the securability of our partners’ data in 2019. In Q1 we have enhanced our user registration and account management experiences and are pleased to release additional security enhancements to the platform in Q2 2019 and thereafter. Our workload of continued data security & compliance investments includes enhancements to user activity and personally identifiable information (PII) data access event auditing — including AI-assisted automated analytics workloads that detect anomalous patterns of data-access activity.

Our VenAssure VMS solution includes:

  • Encryption in motion, in use, and at rest for client & vendor data
  • Redundancies in systems & data providing backup automation and service high-availability
  • Secure user accounts and managed, monitored, role-based access to PII
  • Multi-layered systems of activity & event logging collecting comprehensive audit data
  • Automated threat-detection systems analyzing platform activity audit data
  • Partner-defined business rules governing automated time-based deletion of vendor & case data

With codification of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and similar international security & compliance standards, VenAssure recognizes that the cloud security & compliance landscape is ever evolving. Our commitment to adopt security & compliance controls in person, process, & product that meet and exceed these standards means that we will continuously deliver enhancements to the fitness of our solutions as ever-better technologies and processes are made available to address the growing data-governance requirements of our industry.

Stay tuned to the VenAssure blog in Q2 2019 and beyond as we continue to update the capabilities of our platform and raise consciousness in the investigations field of the responsibility of good works in good-faith data stewardship.