The value of social media in private investigations

The internet and social media have changed the private investigation industry, just as they’ve changed many other industries. With the number of people on social media, it’s often one of the first places a private investigator will look for information about a person.

Social media checks can be used for many different reasons, including background checks, custody battles, court cases, and workers’ compensation insurance fraud. Information pulled from social media can be used to establish a person’s character, supplement existing evidence, or prove that a specific action took place with photographic evidence.

For the purposes of a workers’ compensation or disability insurance investigation, social media posts could indicate a level of physical activity that’s incongruent with the individual’s claim that they’re unable to work.

Even if someone has their personal social media profiles set to private, a skilled investigator can gather information from posts by family members or friends or public interactions the user has with business pages or in groups. Software tools available to private investigators allow them to more effectively and efficiently monitor and follow a person’s activity on social media to document any potential evidence for use in a case.

Private investigators also conduct social media checks with full understanding of all state and federal laws that govern how information can be obtained. Without that knowledge, an individual trying to search someone’s social media could end up finding and documenting evidence in a way that it’s inadmissible in court.

In many cases, a social media check may be the first step of an investigation, as digital evidence could prevent the need for in-person surveillance of a subject. Even if in-person surveillance is needed, a social media check can provide useful insight into the person’s routine or places they frequently visit, which can help aid the surveillance process.

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