Compliance Risk

Protect PII at rest, in use, and in motion.

Does your investigations process include sharing personally identifiable information with vendors through email, fax, or mail? Are your vendors taking the necessary steps to ensure your consumer data is protected? Get a sample copy of our transaction audit report and learn how VenAssure protects sensitive personal information at rest, in use, and in motion.

Strategic Risk

Don’t give up quality control in exchange for third-party relationships.

With the right technology, you can easily deploy your own platform to manage investigations and investigators using your business requirements and an unlimited number of vendors. Build a national panel of licensed investigators and manage them through our all-in-one system for full transparency and control over every assignment.


Reputational Risk

Make referrals part of your vendor evaluation process.

Choosing the right vendor to act as an agent of your company can be challenging. Use peer reviews to help guide your decision and protect your brand from unreliable third-party relationships.


Operation Risk

Implement change that encourages adoption.

Integrating third-parties can add complexities to processes that work against your company's strategic objectives. Use VenAssure to get the operational efficiencies required by managers while maintaining the established relationships with investigators that are important to your team's success.

Manage third-party risk from working with investigators on multiple cases with VenAssure