How it works

For Carriers, TPAs, and Self-Insureds

With VenAssure all decisions about business logic and investigation processes stay in your control. Customizable service level agreements allow you to clearly communicate any specific requirements to your vendors, and keeping all case details in the platform helps protect personally identifiable information.

Enhance quality by finding the right investigators

Our platform lets you evaluate and hire each investigation agency on your own terms. Access investigator profiles, fee schedules, service areas, and ratings to help you find the best fit for your next assignment.

Request a quote or order directly from qualifying investigation agencies

Invite your current vendors and supplement your list using our network of investigation agencies


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Reduce risk across all investigations

Outdated practices of emailing or faxing case assignments create risk for your company. Our high level of data security, role-based management capabilities, and data access logging protects you from legal, financial, and reputational risks.

Protect and manage personally identifiable information

Manage team member access to data, reports, and more

Communicate with investigators and quickly get case updates through the platform

Save time by customizing your workflow

Every company’s process is different, and our platform lets you set service level agreements and process requirements for investigators.

Communicate performance requirements through service level agreements for every case

Configure your account to programmatically enforce investigation procedures

Track progress through system-driven email notifications


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