Promote better vendor performance

Ensuring vendors know what's expected of them before the start of any engagement sets benchmarks for excellent performance from external service providers.

Save time for smarter work

Automating business requirements with VenAssure let's you standardize the application of rules for all assignments and vendors while giving time back to key employees.

Put third-party monitoring in motion

Role-based user permissions allow admins to quickly and easily set up rules for their organization. Rules are enforced by ensured for each new assignment created in VenAssure.

Customizable investigation rules to fit any organization

VenAssure's business rules engine helps organizations enforce business rules related to managing investigators, assignments and financials. With the freedom to create rules for your company, and companies under management, our rules engine provides the flexibility and freedom needed to minimize manual touch for carriers, TPAs, and employers who work with investigators on controverted claims.

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