The hub for your investigations management process

Every day, we help connect companies needing investigations with local, private investigators providing quality services at a fair price.

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VenAssure helps you more effectively manage all of your investigations cases in one centralized platform. Whatever type of investigation you’re managing, we can help you improve efficiency, reduce risk, and ensure compliance. And that gives you more time to focus on managing risk for your company overall.

Here’s how it works for companies, insurers, and third party administrators.

  1. Register for the platform at There’s no setup or subscription fee for companies to join.
  2. Set up your service level agreements and business requirements with the help of our onboarding team. All decisions about business logic and investigation processes stay in your control.
  3. Review each vendor’s credentials, fees, and service areas, then assign your first case to an investigator through our secure platform. You can use your existing vendors by inviting them to join the platform or find a new vendor through our marketplace.
  4. Communicate with the investigator and quickly get case updates through the platform to monitor the investigation.
  5. Spend the time you’ve saved finding qualified investigators and managing investigations on other important aspects of your job.