Benefits for claim and risk managers

VenAssure is a technology platform designed to increase efficiency, reduce risk, and ensure compliance when working with vendors, particularly in the private investigations industry.

We’re vendor agnostic, which means we’re not asking you to change vendors if you don’t want to. You can use your current vendors or select from our online marketplace of investigation agencies. Either way, we help you manage those vendors and stay on top of all your cases through our flexible “middleware” technology.

Whether you’re managing one vendor or a hundred, sending vendor assignments, updating budgets, and tracking them down for status updates takes time. With just a few clicks in VenAssure, you can efficiently and securely send assignments and check the current status of all investigations. You can even share video with nurse case managers, attorneys, and physicians directly from the platform.

The biggest benefit of VenAssure’s design is that all of the actual decisions and business logic remain under your control. The platform makes it easy to enforce vendor contracts and business rules on every assignment. By connecting VenAssure to your workflow, you can manage your investigations with automation, giving you and your team more time to focus on managing risk.


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