Investigations on-demand

Connect with investigators when you need them. Quickly access agency and investigator licenses, insurance, and other important information needed to self-verify investigators and contract qualified agencies with VenAssure.

Investigation documentation

Ensure the consistency and defensibility of investigations performed. Maintain a history of investigations, along with documented procedures for every case to support inquires through an investigations protocol.

FMLA and other leave investigations

Employee interviews and surveillance are among the most effective ways to document the fraudulent use of leave. Use VenAssure to connect with professional investigators when abuse of leave is suspected.

Get Quotes for Local Vendors: 1 minute

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Enter new markets with confidence, and test for market rates.

Obtain comparable bids for requested services to generate savings for your organization, or use VenAssure's pricing index to target fees using the average market rate.

Set max fees for service by service type and location.

Get the best rate on services requested given market conditions.

Manage Vendor Schedules: 1 minute, 15 seconds

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Use a shared calendar to manage surveillance times and days, as well as anticipate future expenses.

With VenAssure, you stay connected to vendor activity throughout the investigation life-cycle. See scheduled investigation events and add new ones on any case at any time.

VenAssure Labs: Include your nurse case managers to help you stay on top of scheduled doctor appointments and to deploy investigators when foul play is suspected.

Manage your investigations with VenAssure