Centralized investigations platform

Make service excellence a foregone conclusion with a well integrated investigations management platform. With hooks for vendor management and a marketplace of vendors to choose from, VenAssure give you all the controls you need to efficiently manage investigations and investigators online.

Role-based user management

Total vendor management means a enforcing internal and external rules that support your objectives. VenAssure gives you the tools you need to manage both. Limit access to specific vendors, views, and reports for employees to ensure a consistent delivery of your investigation management policies.

Data Security

Data breach rules in all 50 states require a heightened level of data security and access management than what was possible before VenAssure. Track attribution by user, location, and IP. Require the same level of security of your investigation vendors and have confidence in their ability to comply.

Create a new assignment: 1 minute, 30 seconds

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Spend less time searching for and qualifying vendor partners.

With VenAssure, your requirements are managed by systems, allowing your people to quickly find and evaluate qualifying agencies meeting global business rules for credentialing, fees, service areas and more.

Access agency profiles to self-verify qualifying agencies.

Use vendor rankings to evaluate performance history.

Integrate via API for a seamless exchange of data between your RMIS and VenAssure.

Evaluate Vendor Performance: 51 seconds

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Score vendors for a better understanding of value they bring to your organization.

Help strengthen the platform by providing feedback on service providers at the conclusion of every investigation. Contribute to public rankings and leave comments on your experience to help your peers quickly evaluate the over 100 registered agencies on the network.

VenAssure Labs: Add up to 5 custom scores to track and measure vendor performance measurements using your own internal scorecard.

Manage your investigations with VenAssure