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Increase efficiency and reduce risk with VenAssure

We help companies, insurers, and third party administrators more effectively manage their investigations through a centralized platform.

Competitive Marketplace Our platform connects you with investigators whenever and wherever you need them. Your customized service level agreements set the investigation parameters, and a shared calendar helps you manage surveillance days and times to better control your budget.

Centralized Platform When all of your investigation details are saved in one place, it’s easy to share them with other members of your team, your partners, or your clients. Stay on top of investigation updates and securely share time-sensitive information like surveillance video and recorded statements.

Internal Compliance Documentation matters when it comes to investigating claims. Our platform allows you to set standard requirements and procedures for each case, and it keeps everything together in one place to provide full documentation for the investigation.

Platform Communication When you have lots of investigations in progress, you don’t have time to play phone tag to get updates from your investigators. With the VenAssure platform, you can communicate with investigators on all open cases using one centralized platform.

Data Compliance Investigation cases involve a lot of personally identifiable information, and the laws are different in every state. Our platform helps ensure compliance with data privacy laws by keeping information safe and secure at every step of the process.

Flexible Workflow Every company’s process is different, and our platform lets you set service level agreements and process requirements for investigators. We'll also help you manage team member access to data and reports with role-based permissions for every user.

VenAssure User Benefits
Increase efficiency Quickly and easily assign cases and check the current status of investigations.

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Protect your company from legal, financial, and reputation risks.

Ensure compliance Keep information safe and secure at every step of the process.

Manage investigations with VenAssure

Efficiently manage investigations and investigators

Whether you’re a carrier managing your own vendors or a third party administrator adjusting losses for others, efficiency matters.

Get investigation results quicker and easier.

Set and manage investigator process requirements.

Comply with internal and external data policies

Supplement your vendor list with our network of investigators

With VenAssure you can use your current vendors or find additional vendors through our online network of local, independent investigators. Either way, we help you manage those vendors effectively to stay on top of all your cases.

Evaluate and hire investigation agencies on your terms.

Access investigator profiles and ratings to find the best fit for you next assignment.