Vendor management platform
for claim and risk professionals

Vendor management platform
for claim and risk professionals

VenAssure helps manage multiple investigators and cases

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Manage Investigations

Send assignments to local investigators and get timely budget and investigation updates directly from contracted agencies in one centralized platform.

Manage Investigators

Use our platform to manage your existing vendors or find new ones through our online marketplace of local, independent investigation agencies.

Manage Risk

Include your compliance rules and reduce exposure to financial, legal, and reputational risks with our secure online platform.

Keep up with vendor policies and procedures using automation

Use systems, not people, to apply business rules to every case assigned to any agency on the network.

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Work with vendors you know and trust

Use your current investigators or select from our online marketplace of over 100 investigation agencies. No matter how you use VenAssure in your business you'll always get the benefits of using our marketplace technology to manage your investigations.

Let VenAssure help you manage the complicated workflow of multiple investigators and cases.