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Hire local investigation agencies, manage vendor assignments, and protect sensitive claimant data with VenAssure, the hub for insurance fraud investigations.

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Client Benefits
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RURAL+ coverage through hundreds of large and local investigation agencies
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Negotiable, gig-based pricing administered through a competitive investigator marketplace
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Customer defined business rules programmatically administered across all investigations
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Compliance conscious case management through 1 centralized platform

Getting started is easy

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Sign up for free

There’s no cost for companies to join—the investigation agency pays a percentage of each case assigned through the platform. Visit our pricing page for more information.

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Configure your account

Add SLAs and business requirements with the help of our onboarding team. Decisions about business logic and investigation processes stay in your control.

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Collaborate with local investigators

Review vendors’ credentials, fees, and service areas. Assign your cases through our secure platform. Invite your existing vendors or find a new vendor through our marketplace.

Common questions

How can I help support local investigators during COVID-19?

Through December 31, 2020 we're waiving 100% of our fee for investigators and clients on new investigation assignments placed with agencies whose headquarters are located in the state of investigation.

Can I continue working with my preferred investigators through VenAssure?

Yes! VenAssure enables you to manage all of your investigations in one place so you can quickly see the status of every investigation. Add your existing vendors or search our marketplace to connect with local, independent investigators across the country. Assign cases, review documentation, and communicate with the investigator all from our website or mobile app.

Is my data secure?

We take security seriously at VenAssure, and our platform is built to protect your company from the risks that come with data. The laws and regulations around personally identifiable information are constantly changing, and we’re committed to security and compliance controls that meet or exceed all standards.

Here’s how we protect your data.

Identity & Access Management

Individual user accounts let you set role-based permissions about who can see what, both for your employees and any partners you give access to the platform.

Data Center Security

We encrypt data at rest and in transit, and we log all infrastructure, service, and application events. Our advanced threat protection and monitoring further ensures data protection.

Data Access Logging

We offer complete logging of data access and system usage so you know exactly what information has been accessed plus when and where.

Is there a monthly fee?

No! Investigation agency pay a flat 7.5% of the pre-tax billed amount for each case assigned through the platform. Clients pay a flat $15 per file. There’s no cost for companies to join and no ongoing membership fees.

How do I get my investigation results?

When all of your investigation details are saved in one centralized platform, it’s easy to share them with other members of your team, your partners, or your clients. You can view investigation updates, communicate with investigators through the platform in real time, and share time-sensitive information like surveillance video and recorded statements.

Efficient Private Investigations
Increase efficiency Quickly and easily assign cases and check the current status of investigations.

Mange Risk from Investigation Vendors
Protect your company from legal, financial, and reputation risks.

Ensure Compliance from Investigaion Vendors
Ensure compliance Keep information safe and secure at every step of the process.

Manage investigations with VenAssure

Efficiently manage investigations and investigators

Whether you’re a carrier managing your own vendors or a third party administrator adjusting losses for others, efficiency matters.

Get investigation results quicker and easier.

Set and manage investigator process requirements.

Comply with internal and external data policies

Supplement your vendor list with our network of investigators

With VenAssure you can use your current vendors or find additional vendors through our online network of local, independent investigators. Either way, we help you manage those vendors effectively to stay on top of all your cases.

Evaluate and hire investigation agencies on your terms.

Access investigator profiles and ratings to find the best fit for you next assignment.